Colorful Streetscapes

This collection shows the vibrant side of Guangzhou, a Southern Chinese city – a mix and match of the old and new, streets packed with people and old, deserted alleys around the corner, flashing signposts of shops selling exotic products…


I travelled with the Voigtlander Nokton Classic 40/1.4 and the Super-Wide-Heliar 15mm and the NEX-3. The lens-and-camera body combination is remarkably light (less with the 40mm of course) and pocketable even. The 40mm is superb for low-light photography and the 15mm is literally acts like a point-and-shoot, because of hyperfocus which means I don’t have to focus at all. I have developed the trick of shooting street photography with the 15mm without thinking about focusing – with f/4.5 just turn to 2 meters on the depth-of-field scale, and you have around 1 meter to infinity within focus; and just turn to slightly less than 2 meters for indoor shots. An enjoyable experience!

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