Fleur de Sel

Fleur de Sel is an exquisite French creperie serving authentic buckwheat crepes in Causeway Bay. The words “Fleur de Sel” literally mean “flower of salt”, which is the hand-harvested top layer of salt scraped off by workers before it sinks to the bottom of the pan. The savory and sweet crepes served in this cozy restaurant are truly as delicate and refined as its namesake.

Like a precious gem hidden in a dilapidated residential building, Fleur de Sel is not that easy to find. Seekers will be charmed by the dimly lit medieval style corridor lined by grey and white bricks. Then behold a small cozy alcove and balcony where one can leisurely spend an afternoon sipping apple cider and devouring delicious crepes, whilst taking in the vibe of the city.

We tasted several savory crepes- “La Toulouse” boasted the strong flavors of ham and french mustard; “La Salardaise” was a true French delight featuring confit de canard and fried buttered potatoes; “La Terre Nueve” was visually aesthetic with a sunny side up nestled comfortably within a bed of melted cheese and spinach.

La Toulouse

La Salardaise

La Terre Nueve

Our sweet tooth got the better of us and we settled our stomachs with dessert crepes. “Crepe Suzette” was a twist on the traditional french dessert with the flaming grand mariner drizzled generously over the crepes. “La Poire” was a refreshing break for the tastebuds with caramelized pears served on a base of chocolate sauce. “La Mont-Blanc” was relatively frugal in comparison with only chestnut sauce and vanilla ice cream. “La Paulou” showcased marshmallows and toblerone chocolate paired with a shot of baileys and cream.

A hefty bill but five satisfied and full stomachs! Bon appetit!

Crepe Suzette

La Mont-Blanc

La Poire