Bologne is a new Japanese style Western restaurant that is quite popular in town. We frequented the restaurant on more than one occasion and were pleasantly surprised by the variety of dessert and bread they offer.


We hopped out for a quick dinner on a cold winter’s night and had a very filling set meal. The tomato soup was rich and creamy, the side salad was gently tossed with french dressing; and the two slices of the famed multi-layer Bologne bread was  extremely buttery and fulfilling.

The juicy pan-fried chicken breast fillet was topped by a creamy spinach sauce on a bed of wild mushroom risotto. The sirloin steak was cooked just to perfection and the garlic sauce complimented the steak and potato mash very well. The grilled codfish and king prawn were served with a lightly flavored tomato sauce angel hair.

And to seal our palettes, we enjoyed our green tea lattes and chocolate ice cream crispy napoleons immensely. A six course meal indeed!