Dondonya is a Japanese restaurant specializing in donburi (a Japanese rice bowl dish with assorted meats and vegetables), but it also serves curry, tempura and sashimi.

It was our second time here and this time we had a recap of the very delicious American angus beef steak donburi we tasted last time. The steak was juicy and cooked to 50% done; drizzled lightly with a savory-sweet soy sauce on top of a bowl of steaming Japanese rice.

The salmon and salmon roe donburi we had last time was excellent too, but we decided to try a new dish on the menu- the deep fried pork fillet stuffed with melted cheese. It was heavenly, the smooth melted cheese blended perfectly with the crunchy fried pork coating and we had fun grinding our own sesame for mixing with the sauce.

The finely shredded lettuce was served with a very refreshing wasabi flavored dressing. The set was complete with a bowl of piping hot of miso soup and a cube of tofu in sweet sesame sauce dressing.

It was a relaxing evening for bears, we watched “The Descendants” after dinner and we both had a good time together enjoying each other’s company.