Random Desserts!

I have been quiet in this blog due to unforeseen circumstances, since my close relative was admitted to the hospital and had an operation done. Luckily he recovered from surgery well! I have learned a lot, especially how to better treasure my loved ones.

Some pictures of mouth-watering desserts from a shop near my home, the greatest thing about them is… they are so cheap and delicious!

The Souffle comes in a selection of four flavors: ginger, strawberry, chocolate, and original. The ginger is fresh and special, although the other ones are nice too! The chocolate fondant is simple, and the molten chocolate is flowing out like a small river…

Bon appétit!

The above pictures were taken with the very sharp Contax G28 on my good ol’ NEX-3. I have recently procured this lens. I shall write more about the lens in my equipment page.