Monthly Archive: March, 2012

Helicoid Adapter

The popularity of the mirrorless systems from Sony, Olympus and Panasonic has led to a soaring number of adapters to fit all sorts of lenses. The NEX (E-mount) for example, has adapter mounts… Continue reading

Tamron 18-200mm for E-mount

Introduction First, a disclaimer. I am an amateur photographer and you cannot expect a typical review from me – this article just serves as an informal review for all of you who love… Continue reading

Wonderful Waterscapes – Lower Tai Tam

The Tai Tam Country Park, situated on the eastern part of Hong Kong Island, consists of a series of reservoir-lakes in the Tai Tam Valley. After our descent into the Valley, we arrived… Continue reading

A Waterworks Journey – Upper Tai Tam

The Tai Tam Country Park, situated on the eastern part of Hong Kong Island, consists of a series of reservoir-lakes in the Tai Tam Valley. We enjoyed our weekend hiking trip in the… Continue reading

Liebster Blog Award

We are so honored to receive the Liebster Blog Award from an awesome fellow blogger. Thank you very much, Ros, for your appreciation and recognition of our blog, especially your compliment about our… Continue reading

This City Never Sleeps

It was a cloudy night and we had fun shooting long exposure photography by the sea side on the Hong Kong Island.  

8½ Otto e Mezzo “Bombana”

Introduction To celebrate Black Bear’s birthday, we went to 81/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana for dinner. I had planned this dinner a while ago ever since this restaurant was embellished with three Michelin… Continue reading

Wildlife – Shing Mun Reservoir Part II

This post is the second and last of a series on our hiking trip to Shing Mun Reservoir. Through the Land of Monkeys After our ascent on to the hills, a winding road… Continue reading

Shing Mun Reservoir: Part I

The Beginning We are not sporty people and it is rare for us to go for a hike. After a long day and night at work, we decided to put our one-day holiday… Continue reading

La Kaffa Cafe

   Black bear got off work at 8am after a tiring 24 hour shift, and White bear had a hard earned day off; so we decided to kick off our day with a… Continue reading

Moving on

This post is dedicated to my partner and soul-mate, White Bear. She always has unfailing support in all of my endeavors, and ever since I learned about photography she has took this long… Continue reading


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Today we’ve got two great new free themes for you: Sunspot and Triton Lite. Inspiration for Sunspot came from one of our older and beloved classics, Sunburn…

Casual dining

After a long day of tedious work, we arrived at New Town Plaza to look for places to eat. Like every shopping mall in Hong Kong, it is packed with people. We lined… Continue reading

Cafe de Paris

We went to one of our old favorite eateries on a leisurely Saturday afternoon – Cafe de Paris, which is situated in the quieter end of Soho. To our surprise, the place was… Continue reading

Corners of HKU

After a delightful meal in the SOHO district, we set off to rekindle our good times in the University of Hong Kong. The Loke Yew Hall was an architectural gem and stood to… Continue reading