Cafe de Paris

We went to one of our old favorite eateries on a leisurely Saturday afternoon – Cafe de Paris, which is situated in the quieter end of Soho. To our surprise, the place was still packed with diners even though it was already close to 2pm when we arrived. The restaurant is true to its name and its wooden panelling and checkered tile floor portrays a casual French bistro ambience. We quickly ordered the 4 course set lunch menu to satiate our appetites.


After having our warm bread rolls with butter, we settled in for our appetizer: roast chicken salad tossed with garden greens. It was quite nice and refreshing amidst the humid weather.


I had the soup of the day which was a creamed pumpkin soup. The rich and creamy texture of the soup was delicious. Black bear was quite persistent in changing the soup to his favourite French Onion soup at an extra cost and it was well worth it; as the soup was an overflowing pot of flavours and melted cheese. The bread and cheese soaked up the colourful spicy flavours of the soup and it was very filling.


Next came our main courses. The grilled snapper was very fresh and its flesh textureful and succulent. The light honey mustard sauce blended in perfectly with the freshness of the fish and it was a soothing dish for the palate.

The roasted duck breast, on the other hand, was richer in flavour and depth. The poultry was cooked just right so that neither the tender pink flesh nor the crispy skin detracted from each other. The rich juices of the duck blended in perfectly with the sweet aroma of the red wine sauce and the bed of mashed potatoes soaked up the colourful flavours of the dish.

We finished off the meal with a light coffee flavoured mousse cake and coffee and tea. It was a relaxing Saturday lunch for bears and we chatted away the small hours  of the day in the cosy cafe, oblivious of the hustle and bustle of the noisy city outside.