Casual dining


After a long day of tedious work, we arrived at New Town Plaza to look for places to eat. Like every shopping mall in Hong Kong, it is packed with people. We lined up at a restaurant famous for its Hainan chicken rice; the outlet itself is originated from Singapore.


The atmosphere of the place is friendly with warm colors and Eastern touches, like the decorations using bird cages and fancy glass teapots. This is in stark contrast to the Western cafes surrounding the restaurant.


The appetizer soon arrived – the stir-fried Turnip Cake in sweet and spicy soya sauce. This dish is a twist on the usual turnip cake served during Chinese New Year. The outer coating of the cake was crispy and tasty, encasing a soft white centre of finely shredded turnip. It was served with shreds of fried eggs which absorbed the richness of the sauce, stimulating our tastebuds with abundant flavors at the same time.

We soon settled ourselves into the famed Hainan Chicken rice. The presentation of the dish was quite exquisite with many small plates beautifully assembled on a tray. The chicken was tasty and its flesh soft and flavorful; to my delight, it lived up to its fame as I found a layer of broth jelly between the skin and flesh, which is exactly the way I had the dish in Singapore.

The rice was specially prepared with chicken oil and broth, and yet, each grain of rice still tasted flavorful without being oily and greasy.


If you can eat spicy, you will love the orange colored spicy sauce which is very tantalizing for the tastebuds. The sweet soya sauce on the right went very well with the chicken and the freshly grinded ginger in the centre offered a refreshing change if  you didn’t want to overshadow the true flavors of the chicken.

It was a delightful meal and we went to have ice-cream afterwards. This is Hokkaido green tea and milk ice cream. It was heavenly, full of the creamy richness of fresh milk and the fragrant aromas of green tea. This is the best ice cream I have had in a long time, much better than froyo and yoghurt.


We walked around a bit while enjoying our ice cream and found these pretty little Japanese tin cans which hold Japanese green tea. Quite a nice gift to give away to friends!


A close up of the delicate glass teapot – the tea they served was very nice too, it was a floral tea and lightly scented with rose petals.