La Kaffa Cafe


Black bear got off work at 8am after a tiring 24 hour shift, and White bear had a hard earned day off; so we decided to kick off our day with a big breakfast at La Kaffa Cafe. La Kaffa Cafe is a newly opened cafe near home that serves all day breakfast and freshly brewed coffee. The restaurant is situated in a quiet corner and its relaxing ambience attracted quite a few other early wakers on a dismal rainy Monday morning.


While we waited for our breakfasts to be served, Black bear took the chance to take some photos of this homely oasis. The cafe reportedly uses the freshest ingredients from all over the world and it serves home brewed coffee and tea. Although we didn’t try out the coffee this time, we were both impressed by the tea they made, as it smelled faintly of jasmine aroma.

Our big breakfast started with Eggs Benedict, which is a personal favorite of mine. Warm egg yolk gently seeped out of the egg and soaked my muffin base, and the hollandaise sauce blended together with the yolk to create a runny sauce. The bacon was crispy hot and the corn kernels sweet and refreshing.


Black bear went for an American breakfast complete with veal sausages, bacon, hash browns and 2 sunny side up eggs. The eggs were great and the yolk ran all over the place when poked. The hash browns were delicious and the best I have had in ages, way better than those from McDs. The weather was dreary but our hearts were warm and full of anticipation for our 1 day holiday. Next time, we will definitely try out the 30 different types of coffee available!