Moving on

This post is dedicated to my partner and soul-mate, White Bear. She always has unfailing support in all of my endeavors, and ever since I learned about photography she has took this long journey together with me. Loyal and kind, warm and smart, she has enlightened me every day with her clever words and charming smile.

You may have noticed a recent update in the design of our blog. Previously the theme focused on showing the most interesting images, but I have realized that lack of text on the front page can no longer represent the vast amount of written material in recent posts. The blog has slowly transformed from a photoblog to one that is enriched with a balanced amount of text and images. Thanks to White Bear, who is the one behind all the beautiful words that she has delicately and elegantly put together in revisiting our photo journeys and food adventures. I sincerely hope this change in the format of the blog can reflect the effort she makes in sharing with you the experiences. Lined with three columns on the front page and in the archives section, the new magazine-styled design attempts to present the posts in a simple, easy-to-read and orderly fashion.

We rarely talk about ourselves – We have known each other since University and have fallen in love in our final year of study. We have moved on from best friends to a couple. We have just been engaged in last December. We now work in different posts at a local hospital – we are part of the nameless and faceless team of people trying to contribute a small part to the physical wellbeing of sick persons. It is a busy job; and we find it entertaining and relaxing to devote ourselves to this blog as a recreation.

We hope to bring you lots of lovely posts about food and photography (which is the tagline!), and I hope to give loads of love to White Bear for the rest of our lives.


Black Bear