A Waterworks Journey – Upper Tai Tam

The Tai Tam Country Park, situated on the eastern part of Hong Kong Island, consists of a series of reservoir-lakes in the Tai Tam Valley. We enjoyed our weekend hiking trip in the Park, and the walk was easier than expected, and the scenes were extraordinary. We began our journey at the upper part of Tai Tam Reservoir, and descended into the lower part of the valley by the waterside.

This is Part I of the series about our trip. You can visit Part II here.

Lines of trees

Not far from the Country Park entrance from Wong Nai Chung Gap Road (near Happy Valley where the racecourse is), there are a number of barbecue and picnic areas in the Park. White Bear remembered the old days in middle school when she would lead other fellow junior students to light a fire in backwoods cooking. How time flies! The line of tall trees was, and still is, a magnificent sight.


The Descent

It was not a long walk down the winding path leading to the Upper Tai Tam Reservoir. There are similar lakes in the Park, characterized by ancient-looking stone bridges and gigantic dams, holding the precious water supply to the citizens of Hong Kong for over a century. We descended the narrow path, and views were breathtaking. We were happy to find some pine trees, with lovely needles and cones.


I enjoyed this picture a lot. It reminds me of an old Physics lesson about refraction. When we walked down the stairs leading into the unfathomable depths of water, several mermaids greeted us in delight. (Or so we thought…)

Arrival at the Reservoir

After our descent into the Tai Tam Valley, the beautiful lake which was previously hidden by the surrounding hills came into view. A network of stone bridges connected the peninsulas together. I can imagine playing hide and seek in this vast area must be fun!


Walk in the hills

It was late afternoon and the sunlight created marvelous light and shadow for photography. Up and down we walked, stretching our muscles, it was a good way to relax and escape from the busy city.


By the Waters

The Upper Reservoir is a photogenic spot with numerous captivating sights to look at. The hills were reflected on the vast expanse of water, and the gigantic dam was a marvelous piece of architecture.


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