Wonderful Waterscapes – Lower Tai Tam

The Tai Tam Country Park, situated on the eastern part of Hong Kong Island, consists of a series of reservoir-lakes in the Tai Tam Valley. After our descent into the Valley, we arrived at the Upper and Lower Reservoirs. This is Part II of the series about our trip. You can visit Part I here.

Upper Reservoir

The serenity of the lake, the scent of the flowers, the song of the birds, we immersed in the wonders of mother nature. The Upper Reservoir was the largest of a few lakes in the Valley. From here, the evidence of civilization were hidden from sight. At the highest point you can catch a glimpse of the southern coast of Hong Kong Island.


Hills Panorama

This picture was taken on the dam. Faraway you could barely see a stretch of the sea south of Hong Kong Island.

Calm Waters at the Lower Reservoir

It took us slightly less than an hour to reach the Lower Reservoir. Crossing the lake there was a narrow bridge (Tai Tam Road) that directed traffic to and from the south-eastern tip of Hong Kong. The sun was setting and we were a bit disappointed that there was never enough time to take good pictures! But the one below is my favorite.

Flower and Leaves

The wildlife by the roadside was blossoming in early spring. Through the healthy green foliage, a transmission tower came into view.


 The Stone Bridge

It was getting dark when we got to this stone bridge. I could not resist the temptation to shoot a picture of it, as I find it really beautiful.

Almost over

It was a fruitful day! Compared to our previous journey at Shing Moon Reservoir, this time the weather was much better and we did not have to worry about monkeys snatching our bags.


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