Thank you all for the love and support of B&W Bears blog!

It has been a little over three months and we started out as a record of our tiny achievements in the worlds of food and photography. We never imagined that our hobby has become an addiction and has given us much pleasure and reward. It is great to share with you the experiences, one step at a time, of our journeys around our little home known as Hong Kong and abroad.

The adventure of creating a blog has drawn friends from literally everywhere! Most of our friends come from Hong Kong (which is too small to be represented on this map) and the United States. We are quite sad to see that our motherland Chinese friends have not yet visited our blog once… but we’ll see!

Happy Easter to you all and may the joy of Easter be with you always. To celebrate our milestone of our 5001st blog view, we would like to share with you the banner pictures we used in our blog… they may not be too special but they all carry a meaning to us.

Hokkaido – River & Snow

Hunter Valley of the Ten Panoramas

Yarra River of the Ten Panoramas

By the Shores of Sai Kung

Blossom at the Beas River

A Story of Bokeh

Green Leaves


Red leaves

The Fallen

Hokkaido Night Snow

I would say my personal favorites are the two pictures from Hokkaido (where I had sweet memories with White Bear) and the picture with the mesmerizing bokeh (I still remember it is the first lens as a gift from White Bear – and I was fascinated by the bokeh effect!). If you like, you can pick your favorite too and comment in the replies below. 🙂