The Drawing Room

The Culinary Experience

We went to The Drawing Room to celebrate my parents’ wedding anniversary. I had previously researched the restaurant on the Internet meticulously and was highly impressed by its creative menu and the rave reviews from diners. It was a great evening of fine dining.


The restaurant is situated in a small boutique hotel in Causeway Bay. We climbed up a flight of stairs lined by modern art paintings before stepping into a dimly lit room lined by mirrors and dark upholstery. Luckily, we were given a small private room separated from the main dining area by a panel of tinted glass.


The service was impeccable, the manager and waiters were polite and well versed about the selection of dishes and they shared good recommendations and explained each course of the menu. In the end, we all settled for the 4 course menu, although I was highly tempted to try the 5 course menu which features additionally a soup – Scampi Cappuccino, a rich foamy creamy delight of rich sea flavours. I am determined to try that next time. The bread basket was a welcoming delight, a fantastic variety of different warm bread including tomato focaccia, cheese dipped grissini, and a big crunchy bun with a soft white centre. Complimentary amuse bouche was served, a cold tomato soup with burrata cheese, it was cool and refreshing in the stifling humid weather and cleansed our palates for the feast to come.


We managed to try all the appetizers on the menu between the four of us. The Crab salad with cucumber gelatin and wild herb salad was a beautiful and refreshing treat and it felt as if the crab meat had diffused into a Spring garden of flowers.

Black bear settled for the Slow cooked egg with Bluefin tuna belly tartar and cardoon. As per our server’s suggestion, we punctured the delicate egg white and allowed the runny egg yolk slowly melt into the tuna tartar before mixing it all together to create a blend of rich fishy goodness.

I tried the Pan fried quail and foie gras with hazelnut and blueberries. It was heavenly, I allowed the foie gras to melt on my tongue and the quail was succulent and juicy.


Three of us tried out one of the most favoured creations of the restaurant, the Homemade tagliolini with lobster and tomatoes and it was the right thing to do. All of us praised the al dente texture of the homemade egg based pasta, each strand richly coated with flavourful tomato seafood sauce; the lobster meat was fresh, chunky and it was a wonderful and memorable dish that all of us savoured with fond recollection.


I was bolder and decided to try the Guinea Fowl and Burrata cheese ravioli with fresh fava beans. I thought it was great, the tender juicy taste of wild game and melted cheese delicately separated side by side and yet bounded together in the same small square of ravioli. This was unlike any other ravioli I had ever tasted and it was delicious.

Main Courses

Black Bear had the Roasted Colorado lamb rack with truffle salsify and brioche crust for his main. The lamb was slow roasted to perfection, the crust was crunchy and the meat soft, tender, pink and juicy.


I tired the Braised Wagyu beef cheek with potatoes maxim (yes, beef cheek again! Coincidentally we have had beef cheek repeatedly in the past year when we go out for fine dining). The flesh was extremely soft and succulent and the rich gelatinous texture mixed with red wine gravy melted in my mouth like heaven. Yum, yum, yum!


We were already stuffed to our maximums, but we still managed to save some room for dessert. Black bear is a fan of apple tarts so he had the Apple tart with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream. I am a chocolate fanatic, particularly the dark kind, so I was destined for the Dark chocolate tart with raspberries and whipped cream. Here came the surprise, I had previously arranged with the restaurant to decorate my parents’ dishes with the words “Happy Anniversary”, hence they were pleasantly surprised when our desserts were served.


The waiters were very nice and they even took an instant photograph of us, which they presented in a celebratory card at the end of dinner. The true surprise was the finale of the meal. Even I could not hold back my squeal of delight when they presented us with our choice of tea/ coffee.

Our server opened a big black box in true magician style, and in it was a large selection of coffee beans and tea leaves, each carefully labeled for our pick. We tried the ginger and lemon tea and the strawberry and mango tea, both served with generous dollops of sweet honey; a warm, comfy wrap up to the decadent feast we had.


The Pasticcini was a tray of beautiful petit-fours with over ten different treats for us to choose from, we were too full and only managed to try a few, I particularly liked the macaroons and candied apricots. A wonderful evening of heavenly food, the restaurant was awarded one Michelin star in one year, I think it will garner more accolades and stars if they continue at this rate and we will be back to try the Scampi cappuccino next time!