Authentic Japanese

Genki Ippai Farmhouse Style Restaurant

Never mind the funny name. Personally, this is one of the best places in Hong Kong offering authentic Japanese cuisine. Because it is run by Japanese people and frequented by Japanese expatriates and travelers alike, and it is a notable mention in the travel guide books written in Japanese. So it can’t be wrong if you wish to taste the real Japanese food, and the place offers much more than commonplace fast-food style sushi and sashimi to the customer.

We went there for primarily two dishes that are our all-time favorites. One is the Shredded Tuna Rice. The thick layer of shredded fine tuna sashimi is topped with a raw egg, scallions and seaweed. With a spoonful of soya sauce added to the rice, after mixing the food thoroughly, the fantastic taste fills your tastebuds with pleasure. The delicate  touch of sesame already mixed with the rice is well appreciated. This rice is unlike any other sushi rice that we have tasted.

Ah, the other dish is salivating even at the thought of it. The Hamburger Beef Steak on Hot Plate. Served sizzling hot, the beef steak is placed on top of a thick onion and garlic sauce, and a ball of shredded carrot paste. The richness of the sauce and the marvelous smell of beef blend seamlessly together. It may not be Wagyu beef or prime steak, but this way of cooking makes you only yearn for more of such simple hamburger beef.

The steamed egg is popular in Asian cuisines, no matter Chinese or Japanese or Korean. This “farmhouse” iteration has different ingredients each time we visit the shop. Sometimes it is chicken, sometimes fish, and I think this time we were served pork. The meat lies deep down in the smooth texture of the egg.


So, the next time you visit Hong Kong, remember to pay the small shop a visit. It is not very easy to find, but it will reward you with the taste directly imported from Japan itself. Happy Eating!