Pizza Express

Pizza Express specializes in pizza and pasta and has a few shops in Hong Kong. It is our favorite place to go to for pizzas. We used to like Parma best, and as its name implies, the thin crusted pizza is topped with an abundance of cheese and parma ham.  There are of course a wide range of pizzas offered by the outlet, but we somehow ordered Parma every time. But this time we tried something different. Named Al Tirolo, the pizza featured a magical combination of marinated ham and a rich layer of garlic, mushroom and cheese. To our delight, the fresh taste of the new dish (especially the garlic!) satisfied us immensely.

This mushroom soup is indeed delicious. It is served together with the signature dough balls. But the mushroom soup is not the best out there – we inclined to the Press Room‘s version if we are to choose the best. Ah, if only we could visit the Press Room once again, maybe in the future, they really have the best mushroom soup in Hong Kong.

Canelloni – Ricotta and spinach pasta, béchamel & tomato sauce. It is a dish that makes you smile. A healthy mixture of cheese and spinach, the smooth creamy surface on top of the pasta bathed in mouth-watering tomato sauce, it just makes me feel hungry watching just the picture of it.

That’s it for today. Our full stomachs cannot accommodate the excellent desserts here (none other than the Tiramisu and Chocolate Fudge Cake). We look forward to the next visit to Pizza Express – it never disappoints.