Ten Panoramas – Cherry Blossoms Edition

B&W Bears are back to upload the final updates to the Cherry Blossom series! Due to heavy stress at work, our blog has suffered from a wide gap between the previous post and the current one… our sincerest apologies to our dear readers.

The panoramic sceneries are breathtaking indeed, it was a beautiful sight in Japan during our trip in May where the cherry flowers were in full blossom. The mood and the composition are very much different from a Feature Post I had uploaded months ago, which were taken in Australia. I would recommend you to visit that page too, if you haven’t 🙂

This set of panoramas are special indeed, it shows how the Tamron 18-200mm E-mount performed when shooting panorama. Previously it has been said that this lens cannot do panorama. I can assure that in broad daylight the panorama function built-in the NEX cameras functions properly. However, in low light situations, the panorama function becomes difficult.

1. View from Osaka Castle

2. The Nara Temple.

3. Kobe, by the Coast

4. The Nara Park Waters Part I

5. The Nara Park Waters Part II

6. City skyline from the Osaka Castle

7. Bridge in Heaven (inverted on purpose – to see why, please read the post)

8. The Moon Crossing Bridge

9. Spectacular View from the Bridge

10. The Cove

Thank you for visiting. We shall be back shortly for the cherry blossom series. We shall have a major update in June, bringing you new photos from the other side of the globe, about our latest trip in London and Scotland.

You are welcome to make any comments and please vote for your favorite image if you like! 😀

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