Osaka Castle

The Inner Moat. The bottom of moat is empty of water, but the sakura overlooking the place is nothing less than breathtaking.

The Osaka Castle is an impressive piece of architecture sitting on top of a vast land platform bordered by sheer walls. Surrounding the majestic castle there was a moat. If you are feeling adventurous, you can climb to the top of the castle, where there are breathtaking views of the skyline of the city.

In the cherry blossom festival, travelers flock to the Castle and its surrounding park to enjoy themselves in the full bloom of pink and white sakuras, and parents bring their children here for a weekend picnic.


On the picture above, the lower right corner, I was lucky enough to catch sight of a pink species of sakura. I don’t know but it seems that apart from this species being rarer to encounter, they seem also more fragile since their blossom seemed to last for a much shorter period.


It was a beautiful and sunny day and the sun beamed on us through the cloudless sky. We were lucky to encounter a most extraordinary couple – two lovebirds who just got married. Since they are native Japanese, the wore traditional kimonos and toured around the park and the Castle hand in hand, meeting the curious glances of tourists. The bright red kimono that the bride wore was delicate and eye-catching at the same time, and it was a marvellous piece of work.


The history of the Castle dates back to the 16th century when the warlords of Japan wished to establish a strong foothold in this important city. The towers and the walls are still erect today, and they are truly living historic relics. No matter from which angle you view the tower, its grandeur blends beautifully with the sakura in the foreground.


Although this post is not too long, I am happy to include two panoramic views from the Castle below. Thanks for visiting!

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