Green Lungs of London Part 2

A walk in any park in London is energizing. As much as I enjoyed my relaxing stroll, I was compelled to take good pictures of the beautiful scenery. Aptly named “Lungs of London”, the parks in London offered us a breath of fresh air and fond memories to take home. Please also visit the previous post on Hyde Park if you like.

The Regent’s Park

The Regent’s Park is famous for being the home of the London Zoo. Due to our packed schedule, we didn’t have the chance of the zoo and the Park’s better-known lake and fountains, however, we did take a walk on the footpath along the south side of the park.

The upper left picture below shows the Park Crescent, near the tube station close to the Park. I was mesmerized by the gigantic arc of pillars, which emanates a solemn and majestic look, and the Park Crescent houses a number of offices and residences of international organizations. Inside the park, the birds are never afraid of people. I attracted quite a number of ducks since perhaps they imagined I was about to feed them. Also I caught sight of a heron by the Lake.


Another look at the wild duck (mallard) which is quite common in these parks. Here they roamed freely on the grass enjoying a short while of sunshine.


St. James Park

St. James’s Park and Green Park are both wonderful places to pass by on your visit to Buckingham Palace. These two parks sit on either side of “the Mall”, the wide pavement leading from Trafalgar Square (Charing Cross) via the Admiralty Arch all the way up to the Buckingham Palace. Looking down on Earth from the sky, these parks are shaped like lungs on with their apices resting on the Palace, again, what a proper description of the “lungs of London”.

The views from the footpath by the shores of the lake and fountain are nothing short of breathtaking. From here, you can see as far as the London Eye, hidden in the foreground of thick trees. The wild ducks enjoyed themselves in the lake.



More pictures of wild ducks. We also saw two pelicans in the lake and they are really big birds. We were told that these pelicans were imported from Russia as they were gifts, but we are not so sure. It was by luck that we captured a squirrel resting on a fence, as squirrels are such fast-moving pictures. But they are so cute!


The picture of the bluebell flower is one of my favorite. The colors are captivating!

You can visit Part I of the post, or check out the full gallery below: