Breakfast in London

Dean Street Townhouse

We ventured into the Soho district on an early Sunday morning. Destination: an exquisitely British dining room called the Dean Street Townhouse. The Townhouse itself is a hotel with 39 bedrooms. Stepping into the threshold, we found ourselves surrounded by the warm and friendly atmosphere, with neatly dressed and courteous staff. The dimly lit interior was in stark contrast with the early morning sunshine outdoors.


The paintings on the walls spoke of the old British days of glamor. The dining room is spacious with leather sofa seats. The service and the food were impeccable – Black Bear had Full English Breakfast with Mocha, and White Bear had Eggs Benedict with Hot Chocolate. The fluffy hot chocolate was amazing.


We left the place with fond memories of the unique place, we liked especially the British feel.

Breakfast Club, Spitalfields

Spitalfields was the district close to Liverpool Street where our hotel was located. Breakfast Club has a branch in the narrow streets of Spitalfields. The retro and punky decor of the Club filled our hearts with delight.


The menu was special and full of fun with tastes from all across the globe. Black Bear was curious about South American food that day and ordered a Wrap with Chorizo, Sour Cream and Tomatoes and Guacamole. The texture and rich spicy taste were exhilarating.

White Bear felt more conservative, and ordered Eggs Royale. The soft and creamy eggs were delicately cooked and placed above fresh (Scottish?) smoked salmon, topped with Hollandaise sauce. The resulting combination was a variant of Eggs Benedict and we enjoyed this even more immensely than the original version!

And finally, what good is a breakfast without a nice cup of steaming hot chocolate? Ah, even thinking about this delicious cup, complete with floating marshmellows, makes my mouth water…

Some more pictures of the Breakfast Club as we left.