Changing of the Guard

After filling our stomachs with a decent breakfast, we decided to visit Buckingham Palace to witness a solemn ceremony. Every morning in summer time at 11:30 am, the Old Guard hands over to the New Guard marching from Wellington Barracks with a Guards Band. The process takes just less than one hour.

When we arrived there at the entrance of the Palace, we were absorbed in its majestic grandeur. Here is where the British Monarchy made its public appearances, I remember seeing on television the remarkably big crowds standing outside the Palace, waiting eagerly to see the Queen and  the Princes and Princesses coming out to the terrace and address their people.


When we arrived an hour before the designated time, a crowd was already gathering at the gates and fences to catch a glimpse at what was about to begin. I assure you that although there seem to be so few people in the pictures I took, with expertly care I had to turn my camera and zoom the field of vision away from the many heads and shoulders all surrounding me.


The Queen’s Guard are the mounted troopers of the Household Cavalry who guard the official entrance to Buckingham Palace. They wore a full-dress uniform of red tunics and bearskins. As the music begins its crescendo, we saw the Guards band come marching in from afar, and the trumpets and drums sound louder and louder. The whole uniform that the guards wore were impeccable, and they marched in perfect unison.


In the forecourt of the Buckingham Palace, the Guards stood still as their leader officially exchanges his duty. the The brass band then continues to perform, playing a magnificent and dignified tune. Slowly the Old Guard marched out of the Palace, marking the end of their duty.


It was such an exciting start for the day! We enjoyed the ceremony immensely and could still remember the music that the Guards band played.