Memories from Scottish Highlands – Part II

The first part of the Scottish Highlands journey can be found here.


Departing from Loch Ness, we headed north towards the capital of the highlands – Inverness. Even on the coach we were amazed by the beauty of this northern Scottish city. Surrounded by cherry trees, a river runs through the city center, and old building stood on both sides of the river bank.

Although it was not winter when we visited the city, the chilly weather together with the snowflakes decorations on the footbridge filled us with the atmosphere of the cold season. It was 7pm as we took a stroll from our B&B towards the city center and the evening sun was just about to set. The changing hues from blue to violet in the sky were a beautiful backdrop for the lines of cherry trees outside a church.


Further ahead, an isle was situated in the middle of the river. We crossed the footbridge to the other side, where we had a delicious dinner at a local hotel by the riverside. On our way, we took a glimpse of the Inverness Castle sitting on top of a hill.



The last picture above was taken at our B&B where our hosts cooked us a warm and mouthwatering breakfast. It was our first B&B experience and it felt even nicer than a hotel!

Glen Affric

When we woke up the next morning, our hearts sank a bit since the weather turned chilly and rainy. And worse still, it was a day for an expedition into one of the Glens in the highlands!


But it was not so bad after all. We dressed warm and took out our raincoats and umbrellas and fought our way through the bushes. Glen Affric was indeed an amazing place even in the rain. The sounds of the waterfall and bird songs were heavenly music performed by mother nature.

I really liked the picture above, a lone tree standing against the strong gust of chilly wind.

From the top of the hill , we had another look at the rich colors of the forest – dark green in the forests far away, orange and brown bushes lie underneath our feet, the greyish blue clouds raging in the sky. After our trip to the Glen Affric, we headed towards our next destination: Urquhart Castle. What an amazing view the inhabitants of the Castle once had, with a panoramic view of the Loch and the surrounding mountain range, but sadly today only the ruins remained.

We simply couldn’t resist another look at the cherry trees, this one a close-up shot. Memories of the Scottish highlands stayed in our minds as our coach drove us back to Edinburgh in the late evening. We particularly enjoyed the tour guide’s selection of Scottish folk music, the enchanting and sometimes cruel bits of Scottish history and the battles the Scots fought against the invaders, and of course the mesmerizing sceneries of an unpolluted and pure place.

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