Flowers in England & Scotland

Sorry for not updating as frequently, as work has been quite busy in the recent few weeks. This is a short post of the pictures of flowers I have taken in England. They are all such a beauty! The first two pictures were taken in the elegant St. James’ Park.


The following are dandelions, I managed to catch sight of one dispersing its seed in the air! What a marvellous sight.


A shade of purple, and red…


I could not recognize the following plant, although it looks familiar. The pinkish white petals shone brightly in the sun.


And during our trip to Scotland, we found the cherry blossoms a pleasant sight.


On a not-so-sunny day we climbed up to the Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh. Beautiful flowers surrounded us. The yellow flower was called the broom, a kind of scrub that populated many areas of Scotland. I shall upload more pictures of the journey in Edinburgh in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!


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