An Italian Delight

Aurora is located on the 10th floor of Altira, a five-star luxury hotel in Macau, the capital of casinos in Southeast Asia. The restaurant has panoramic views over the shores of Macau and the bridges that connect the major islands in the territory. Its menu boasts Southern Italian culinary traditions, and is deeply influenced by the surrounding Mediterranean Sea with a natural incline and focus on fish and seafood.


The design language of the dining place speaks of a warm, friendly tone. The staff were enthusiastic and professional, we were soon presented with the set lunch menu that is known for both its exquisite taste and remarkable value.

This post is way overdue and we had visited the restaurant in the Summer, hence the summery and fresh menu. The complementary amuse bouche was a welcoming spring delight, fresh shrimps and avocado were wrapped delicately in a thin sheet of orange flavoured gelo. It freshened our tastebuds and prepared us for the feast to come.

The Alaskan King Crab Roulade: Crab and cucumber  center wrapped in a thinly sliced sheet of white turnip, garnished by a Mesclun salad tossed in light lemon dressing.

Wagyu beef carpaccio and garden salad with truffle sauce: Intense beef flavours maximized by a tantalising black truffle sauce, it was truly a flavourful  and unforgettable appetizer.


The restaurant was very quiet for a weekday lunchtime, and we enjoyed the quiet and classy ambience of the restaurant. The bread was served warm in a beautiful copper pot, and we feasted on the abundant selection of pastries and bread; I particularly enjoyed the cheese flavoured bread and the bun crusted with sundried tomatoes.

For my Primi Piatti, I had the traditional “Caciucco” with black ink risotto, which is a seafood based squid ink risotto. I am a die hard fan of all squid ink dishes so I fell in love with this dish right away. The clams, mussels and calamari were all very fresh and the salty sea water retained in the shells of these beautiful seafood added a fresh marine flavour to the dish, not to mention, the perfect slightly chewy consistency of the risotto.

Big Bear tried the Artichoke and Ricotta Ravioli with Prawns, which was equally delicious. The cheesy ricotta ravioli was nicely set off by the freshness of the prawns and spiciness of the tomato pesto sauce.


We were already very full by now, but we ploughed on to our main dishes. The Slow cooked organic pork belly and fillet in coffee and apricot sauce was a dish worthy of accolades and Michelin stars. The pork belly was roasted to perfection and the meaty oils of the pork blended impeccably with the light apricot sauce. Words just can’t describe the rich flavours and textures embedded in this dish and I am dying to try this dish again!

The Pan seared cod fish with taggiasca black olive paled slightly in comparison, but nonetheless it was still very fresh with flavours of the sea.


As a dessert fan, I had to try out the creations of this restaurant, and after much deliberation, we settled on a White chocolate mousse cannolo with blueberry chantilly cream. It was artfully decorated and the blueberry cigar matched very well with the white chocolate mousse and vanilla cream.

This place is an absolute delight and their lunch set is an absolute bargain given the quality of the food and ambience of the place. We promised to come back when we next visit Macau and we set off for the next leg of our photographic journeys with rounded tummys and joyful hearts.