7 Things You Must Do in Melbourne


Melbourne, Victoria, is beautiful, vibrant and clean. The city itself and its surrounding areas never fail to disappoint any traveller – from the bustling shopping district along Collins Street and Bourke Street, to the jaw-dropping natural wonders over the Great Ocean Road – you’ll find yourself amazed and awed.

I hope this post helps you experience what Melbourne is!

1. Take public transport


To travel around an urban city like Melbourne is an easy task. Of course, you can always take the taxi, but what’s the fun? Catch a tram that runs through the city, it helps you get through the cosmopolitan area. There’s even a city circle tram, free of charge, cruising along the iconic buildings of Flinders Street Station and St. Paul’s Cathedral. You just have to buy a MyKi card and “touch on” to travel. Topping up the MyKi card is easy enough. To get you further beyond e.g. some of the suburbs, you can take the train.

2. A picnic in the gardens


You’ll never be far away from an oasis when you take a leisurely walk in the city. Melbourne is not a jungle of skyscrapers. Parks, gardens, open spaces are dispersed widely across the urban areas. Pictured above is the Alexandra Gardens, a strip of parkland along the south side of the picturesque Yarra River. It’s the perfect place to picnic, row a boat, or to jog. You can see the skyscrapers north of river, as well as the Olympic Park.

DSC00301 DSC00369

(Above) The urban Melbourne dissolved in the foreground of park areas, and the lifeline of Melbourne, the Yarra River running across. (Below) A panoramic view over the Yarra River. A perfect day for sports.


3. The Shrine of Remembrance

Located on the King’s Domain on St. Kilda Road, the shrine commemorates the lives lost in the Great War of 1914-1918 and is now a memorial to all Australians who have served in war. The views from the viewing platform are amazing.

DSC00623 DSC00809 DSC00812

4. Lunch at the Taxi Dining Room

From the Shrine of Remembrance, take the tram up north towards Flinders Street Station. On the opposite side of the road, Federation Square both a civic centre and cultural precinct and has become Melbourne’s meeting place. There is a visitor centre and many bars and restaurants here. The Taxi Dining Room is extraordinary as it offers a breathtaking view of the Yarra River and world-class fusion between Japanese and Australian cuisines. I had a tuna sashimi for starter, and a delicious Roasted Atlantic salmon & yabbie dumplings. I don’t drink wine but I hear their complimentary wine list is superb.


DSC00829 DSC00833

5. Flinders Street Station

Well, what can I say? No journey in Melbourne is complete without taking a picture of the symbolic building. The St. Paul’s Cathedral is just opposite it. If you are an architecture person, personally I think St. Patrick’s Cathedral located northeast of the city is even more beautiful.


DSC00844 DSC01139DSC01122DSC01156

6. Shopping in the Royal Arcade

You can buy whatever you want to buy in the department stores of David Jones and Myers in Melbourne, but if you want to shop in style, you have to visit the Royal Arcade. Both a shopping center and a heritage building, it is home to a variety of shops. After shopping madly, for tea time, I must recommend Koko Black, which offers some of the best of chocolates and desserts in the world. I must say, its chocolate drinks are heavenly, silky smooth with cream and chocolate, and the flavor is beyond words, and to add to it there is an ice-cream inside to fill your stomachs with joy.

DSC01159DSC01162 DSC01165

7. Southbank


Ah, you cannot escape from the Yarra River. On its South Bank, now a shopping center, entertainment complex and an array of extravagant restaurants, you can bathe in the setting sun and immerse in the lovely cityscape now colored in gold.


That’s not the end! Sit back, relax, and wait for more posts to come. 🙂 Check out the gallery below: