Alexandra Gardens & South Yarra

Alexandra Gardens are located on the south bank of the Yarra River, opposite Federation Square and the Melbourne Central Business District. It is connected to an expansive park area, consisting of King’s Domain & the Royal Botanic Gardens. You can find people rowing a boat, jogging or picnicking by the riverside.


Above: The city boasts an oasis among the skyscrapers in downtown Melbourne.
Below: On an autumn day, with a cloudless sky, it is perfect for sports and picnics.

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It is hard for me to imagine, back home where I come from, that nature and urban landscape can blend so well with each other.

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The northwest across the river is where the Olympic Park is.


Hi darling! Even the geese and pigeons are enjoying the sunshine.

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I was lucky enough to capture the action that day, a rowing boat on the Yarra River.


The Albert Park, 3km south of city center, is also known as the site of the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit. It is just a stone’s throw from my hotel. An artificial lake is central to the park and jogging lanes run along the perimeter of the lake.


I have brought three lenses to travel. I decided to travel light and I am recently attracted toward prime lenses. On APS-C cameras (cropped sensors as opposed to “full-frame”, as geeks would know), I have brought a wideangle (Voigtlander 15mm Super-Wide-Heliar), a wide-normal (Sony E-mount 35mm f1.8) and a macro lens (Tamron 60mm f2). Those who follow our blog know that I love photographing flowers and landscapes. I hope I have put my combination of lenses into good use! 🙂

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Melbourne city center, the Southbank and Skydeck hidden among the trees as pictured below.


Autumn is not a season for flowers, sadly. Cliche as it might be, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. That day, I have found the leaves exceedingly beautiful.


A closer look at the lake and downtown Melbourne.


Panoramic views over the lake and the city.

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Fawkner Park


The lines of trees and vast grasslands are no strangers in the parks of this city.

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The Chapel Street Precinct

Lined with designer galleries and stylish shops, you can find  clothes, shoes, accessories and the Chapel St Precinct has one of the liveliest alfresco cultures in Melbourne. When the sun sinks, the area transforms into a whole different story. The dance clubs, theatre, movies, pubs, bars, live entertainment are all on the menu.

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You can view the gallery below: