I’m back


To my dear readers:

From Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best quote: “I’m Back!”
Believe it or not, my favorite movie of all time is Terminator 2.

Black and white bears have been lazy and not posting for a couple of months now. We just want to say hello to all of our readers and tell you we’re back, stronger than ever. During the half-year hiatus, black and white bears have to face immense challenges at work, and have successfully passed their exams (which are so **** difficult)! So, we’re back to our usual publishing schedule, which is around 1 post every week (more or less).

This blog has brought us love and friends across the globe and we have remembered you all and missed you all during these months. I am sure we are equally missed! Hang on and we’ll bring you more posts about travel, nature, food, photography et cetera.

Best wishes,

Black and White Bears