Bayside Adventure – A Photo Story

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After breakfast, I took the train south, towards Sandringham. Sandringham station lies along the Bayside Coastal Trail in Melbourne, and the trail runs from Brighton to Beaumaris and there are many cliffs and beaches along the way. Two years before, I was struck with awe as I stood on the cliff watching the jaw-dropping scenery of the Twelve Apostles, part of the Great Ocean Road tour; and now I have travelled to the seaside south of Melbourne in an attempt to rekindle that feeling.


Sandringham was not like downtown Melbourne, to my pleasant surprise. It looked more like a Mediterranean city, especially on this bright sunny day. The chilly autumn breeze beckoned me on the long walk along the Coastal Trail.


Although there are numerous beaches and cliffs by the seaside, I could not stop taking pictures because they were so beautiful. With a little difference in composition, adding to it the changing hues and moving clouds as the day went on, every beach and every cliff looked different in photos! Thank God it was not a cloudless sky, otherwise I would be sweaty exposed in the sun.


Among the many pictures I took that day, the following one was my favorite. Two elderly people looking at the seaside. One day, when Black Bear and White Bear grew old, we hope we can be like them too, holding hands, relaxing under the sun, watching the waves and cuddling in each other’s comfort.


As I strolled on, the “Red Bluff” came into sight. It was one of the more prominent cliffs that stood outward from the mainland overlooking Port Philip Bay. It did look red!


A tree trunk, with its peculiar shape, obstructed part of the road.


The Red Bluff, true to its name, was a marvelous lookout of panoramic views over the entire ocean. Strangely, there were so little human activity on the sea and beaches that day. It was serene.


Another look at the Red Bluff. Further in sight is the Cerberus Beach House, a wonderful little restaurant that I must recommend. I shall write more on this in another post.


I have named this chair “The Million Dollar Chair”. It costs nothing to sit on it. But the spectacular view over the harbor is worth millions!


I ventured down the side walk down to the beach, and was stunned by the enchanting clouds that created this moody picture.


Unstable cliff – beware! It was fun looking back at the landscape from this angle.


This particular cliff attracted me. It looked like a man’s face screaming into the sky.


To be continued…