Before Sunset at Brighton – A Photo Tour

I have never imagined Melbourne to be this beautiful. Just before sunset on an autumn day, I was at the bayside walking along the Bayside Coastal Trail that connected Sandringham to Brighton Beach. In my previous post, we already featured a photo tour around Sandringham and the lovely landscape with cliffs and beaches. This time, at the Brighton Beach, I enjoyed the enchanting scenery before sunset.

In the next set of images, you can see there is the sign “Run, Leon, Run”, and curiously the next picture shows “Leon” running away from me in the background.

DSC02060DSC02084 DSC02071

Last year when I went to Melbourne, I was awed by the jaw-dropping ocean landscape at the Twelve Apostles. This time I was attracted to the sea-side once again. Brighton Beach is sometimes coined “the face of Melbourne”, that shows how beautiful it is; and in summer there are numerous colorful bathing boxes which made the place famous. I couldn’t find any bathing boxes (perhaps I missed them carelessly) during my walk.


Palm trees by the beach, and a blazing sun – this is what I imagined Gold Coast or Florida would be! Although I’ve never been to either. I’ve never seen a sunset as stunning as this – I am sure I would miss this place a lot.

DSC02076DSC02128 DSC02081

I immersed in the breathtaking scenery as the air began to feel cold as the skies darkened. Reluctantly, I knew it was time to leave the place. Before I left, I took a picture of the exquisite houses by the bayside, the people inside are blessed with such an amazing view each day that made me jealous.


Next week, I’ll post more images of a wonderful beach house restaurant and more pics of the sunset. Thanks for watching! Please kindly leave a comment below if you like these images.

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