Sunny Day Creatives

Amazing macro work I’ve found on a fellow WordPress blog.




A great weekend of shooting some creatives while testing out my new Nikon 105 2.8VR Micro. After a long break of not shooting this beautiful weather was a welcome incentive to get behind the lens again. I headed over to Edwards Gardens (one of my “go to” spots). I didn’t expect to see too much colour but was pleased to see a lot flowers in bloom. I packed light so no tripod or speed lights. All these shots were hand held with only sunlight. This macro lens is definitely the sharpest lens in my bag now hands down. I did drive myself a bit crazy trying to keep a steady shot hand held. I has such a shallow DOF that even breathing can push you out of focus. A little unforgiving especially with all the megapixels of my D800, but after awhile I got used to how to use…

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