Royal Botanic Gardens I

The Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne are internationally renowned botanical gardens located near the centre of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, on the south bank of the Yarra River. They are 38 hectares of landscaped gardens consisting of a mix of native and non-native vegetation including over 10,000 individual species. They are widely regarded as the finest botanical gardens in Australia, and among the best in the world.


I had the privilege to visit the RBG, bathing in the autumn sun. I walked through the many different zones, which were distinctly different from each other. I was amazed by God’s Creation, which could be so beautiful beyond words. I was also impressed by the wonderful landscape in the great park, as I sat there on a bench, appreciating the scenery of the lake and the many different pavillions, with unique styles. (This is the first post of these series, and the architectural and landscape pictures will be covered in another post.)


It was not spring nor summer when I visited Melbourne. However, the plants and flowers I found were no less breathtaking than they ever could be in any other season.


For my dear readers would know, I have a special interest in macro photography. I always enjoy the pleasure in showing the utmost detail of the small things in nature. Unfortunately I have not yet mastered the skill to capture the tiny bugs like ladybirds or bees, but the skill would be there some day.


DSC00663  DSC00684

Apart from flowers, the trees and leaves were lovely subjects to photograph. I love the way the sun rays shone through the leaves.

DSC00691 DSC00655 DSC00694 DSC00675 DSC00738

And in the greenhouse, there were two orchid plants. Charming flowers they were.

DSC00730 DSC00734 DSC00755 DSC00777 DSC00772DSC00774 DSC00779 DSC00782

To end this post, I would like to share a few pictures taken at the entrance of the park near the Shrine of Remembrance. More to follow next week!DSC00799 DSC00801 DSC00805

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