Contax G28

I recently bought this lens from a second hand shop. The price of the Contax G lenses are rising due to the popularity of the mirrorless systems which offer a digital body to revive the old rangefinder glass. The Contax G lenses include the Carl Zeiss Hologon 16mm, Biogon 21mm and 28mm, Planar 35mm and 45mm, and the Sonnar 90mm, to be mounted to the Contax G1 and G2 bodies – a line of autofocus rangefinder cameras.

The Carl Zeiss Biogon 28mm f/2.8 T* for Contax G, or sometimes referred to as the G28, was as common as the G45 which were manufactured in large quantities. Optically the Contax G28 was not as superb as the G21, however, the Biogon 28mm still lives up to its name, a simple symmetrical design which delivers wide-angle images which are sharp from corner to corner and with negligible distortion. Although there are many 28mm f/2.8 lenses, rangefinder and SLR alike, the Contax G28 is at least as good as the its counterpart – Carl Zeiss Distagon in ZM mount.

This series of images are by no means a formal/professional test of the Contax G28. However, I had a lot of fun taking pictures with the compact lens!

1. Colors
The yellow and red colors are rendered beautifully. I am very impressed with the dynamic range with these photos. These are out of the camera images without any post-processing.


2. Low light testing
At night, I am not sure if I like this Contax G28 as much. The rendering of the Nokton 40mm f1.4 (I know it’s a much faster lens with a different focal length) seems more lovely and vivid.


3. Random indoor shots
These are just casual shots from indoor testing. Although it is not a fast lens, at f/2.8  it still offers a great sense of depth, and the out of focus areas are rendered in a pleasing way.

Food photography is easy with this lens. The minimum focus distance is around ~0.3m. The picture below showed eggplants with scallops – just a casual homely dish!

4. Outdoor pictures
Very sadly the weather is quite gloomy in recent few days.