Cherry Blossom Series

Japan is a country full of surprises. I visited Japan during the Hanami Festival and was amazed by the stunning scenery of the cherry blossoms. The few pictures taken below can be found in the gallery post Temple and the Deer in Nara; Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto, and the Food Paradise in Dotonbori.



London is a fascinating city to visit, with vibrant culture and a seamless mixture of the old and the new. Below are my favorite pictures from the posts Breakfast in London, Green Lungs in London and Greenwich.

Hong Kong Getaways

There are many photogenic spots in Hong Kong, my home city which is always crowded and full of hustle and bustle. Please visit the following links for the rare green places in Hong Kong where we can relax: Tai Tam Reservoir & Shing Mun Reservoir.