Notable Mentions

Top 10 favorite photos I like:

10. Rusty Seaside            &           9. Lonely Chair

Left: I like the strong diagonal and mixture of colors of the picture. <More>
Right: A lonely chair under a lonely tree! <More>

8. Glossy Meat

Simple BBQ pork cooked fabulously in a fine dining outlet in Southern China.
Taken with the CV 40/1.4 with helicoid adapter, I like the food shots done with this combination a lot. Please visit the gallery here.

7. The Church

Taken with the Super-Wide-Heliar CV 15/4.5, the picture was tilted to one side,
but I like how the spires and tower seem to converge to one point.
Gallery link can be found here.

6. Stairwell

This is a simple photo but I like the mood a lot. Taken with CV 15/4.5
I don’t usually do B&W photography but it seemed to suit the atmosphere well.

5. Panoramic View in Hokkaido

The trip to Hokkaido brings back many sweet memories to me.
Sort of had a white Christmas there and I find it really romantic!
Please click here for other photos in Hokkaido.

4. Bee in flight

What a pleasant surprise! I was focusing on the flower using the Contax G90 f/2.8, but a bee cruised into view, landing just within the narrow field of focus! Gallery link: here.

3. Red Leaves

I like the composition of this photo, the leaves seemed like two persons holding hands.
Taken with the Contax G90 f/2.8. Link to the gallery here.

2. Lines of Trees

This photo was taken in a park in Guangzhou. It was a pretty gloomy day but I really like the effect of the lighting, creating light and dark patterns over the leaves and the foliage. Link to the gallery here

1. In and out

Taken at the Beas River Country Club, this photo shows the strong vertical and diagonal lines and contrast between light and dark, and details within the cozy little souvenir shop and the atmosphere of the dark and mysterious outside. Taken with the Contax G 90mm, f/2.8. Link to the gallery