Scotland In Panoramas

This is a full-width version of the identical post on 21st July 2012.

The two-day bus tour to Scottish highlands was full of surprises. Standing in front of the breathtaking sceneries of the numerous glens and lochs, I was in awe. Although I tried to capture the amazing scenery in panoramic view, the pictures don’t do the real thing justice. I felt lucky being able to witness the awesome and beautiful views and would like very much to share them with you.

I. An Unidentified Loch — and the fifty shades of green trees

II. The Barren Mountainscape — and our fellow traveller in the foreground

III. Sky, water and land — and they become paradise

IV. Mountain Ranges

V. The South Side of Loch Ness — Nessie, where art thou?

VI. The North Side of Loch Ness — wait – is that the monster breaking the glassy water surface on the far left?

VII. The River Ness — in Inverness, with its castle on a hill

VIII. The Footbridge in Inverness — oh it was so beautiful that I don’t mind crossing it every day

IX. Houses in Inverness — and another footbridge on the right

X. On the footbridge — if my camera’s battery hasn’t run out I would have version of this during sunset

XI. The Urquhart Castle

~ ~ ~


Although I meant this to be a post dedicated to the Scottish landscape, I would like to share a few panoramas shot in London (no offense my dear Scots). What a festival it is these days, with the hype of the Olympic Games. Let’s wish the athletes a fair and great Games!

XII. A Suburban Park in Wandsworth — after our marvellous lunch in Chez Bruce

XIII. The Admiralty Arch — only noblemen can go through the middle gates, if you feel rebellious, you can try walking through them

XIV. The Trafalgar Square.

~ ~ ~


This series bring back fond memories of our trip in England and Scotland in May this year. It is also the largest panoramic collection compared to my previous similar posts. If you find the images entertaining, please see the related posts:

So, thank you all for visiting!