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8½ Otto e Mezzo “Bombana”

Introduction To celebrate Black Bear’s birthday, we went to 81/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana for dinner. I had planned this dinner a while ago ever since this restaurant was embellished with three Michelin… Continue reading

La Kaffa Cafe

   Black bear got off work at 8am after a tiring 24 hour shift, and White bear had a hard earned day off; so we decided to kick off our day with a… Continue reading


Harlan’s offers exquisite Italian cuisine and breathtaking views of the magnificent Hong Kong harbor. The scenery of the Hong Kong skyline is even more spectacular at night as viewed from the lofty 19th… Continue reading

Heritage 1881

The former Marine Police Headquarters is located in Tsimshatsui, Hong Kong. Built in 1884, it is a declared monument and one of the four oldest historical government buildings erected in the old days… Continue reading

Beas River

The Beas River is a river in Northern India, rising from the Himalayas. The Beas River Country Club, Hong Kong, has no relationship with that place other than the similar names. Club members… Continue reading

Repulse Bay

It was so good to have sunshine after a whole week of gloomy weather. It has rarely been so cold in Hong Kong! So we decided to have a weekend getaway to Repulse… Continue reading

Contax G90 on NEX-3

The Contax G90, officially known as the Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 90mm f/2.8, was designed for the autofocus Contax G1 and G2 camera bodies. The Contax bodies are considered advanced film cameras and… Continue reading


Taken with the Carl Zeiss Sonnar 90mm T* (Contax G90) All taken at f2.8, it is indeed sharp even wide open. Some people say the quality is comparable to Leica, but of course… Continue reading

Around where I live

  Taken with NEX-3 and Carl Zeiss Sonnar 90/2.8, all shot at f2.8

Red leaves