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Sai Kung is famous for its fishing village and many seafood restaurants. Visitors can have a relaxing stroll along the coast and have dinner by the sea.       Photos were taken… Continue reading

Repulse Bay

It was so good to have sunshine after a whole week of gloomy weather. It has rarely been so cold in Hong Kong! So we decided to have a weekend getaway to Repulse… Continue reading

Mix & Match

The old and new Guangzhou are not contradictory – they seem to complement each other and blend nicely together. There are trees lining along avenues and skyscrapers towering high up in the business… Continue reading

Colorful Streetscapes

This collection shows the vibrant side of Guangzhou, a Southern Chinese city – a mix and match of the old and new, streets packed with people and old, deserted alleys around the corner,… Continue reading

Old Guangzhou

The Shamian Peninsula was free from the noisy Chinese New Year celebrations. It also contained the historical buildings which were erected over a century ago, hidden by the tall trees as old as… Continue reading

Day & Night

A transition from day to night at the Shing Moon River. First picture: Taken with CV 15/4.5 on NEX-3, 0.3 EV bracket, post-processing with Photomatix HDR. Second picture: taken with kit lens, 4s… Continue reading

Hand in Hand

Out of camera jpeg with no editing

Voigtlander Super-Wide-Heliar 15mm f4.5

The Voigtlander Heliar 15mm f4.5 (LTM mount) is indeed a little gem. The wide-angle is sharp from corner to corner. As a rangefinder lens, it is compact too. On Sony NEX-6, it demonstrates… Continue reading


The Mazda 6 is a fun car to drive.


Into the abyss…