Hi! I have the Voigtlander 40/1.4 (MC) and the Contax G28 on NEX-3 and here are my thoughts on using these lenses. I am an amateur photography and please just understand that the samples I have taken are really not the best you can achieve with these lenses! anyway…

Voigtlander 40/1.4
1. Small and compact at 190g
2. MFD=0.7m so I needed a Hawk’s helicoid adapter (it is natively an M-to-NEX mount adapter but functions as a helicoid tube for close focusing to about 0.3m)
3. Distortion is less than the CV 35/1.4 (although I can’t be sure, but this is what people say) and some people think the 40/1.4 is optically superior to the 35/1.4 but comes at a cheaper price
4. Bokeh is harsh by many people’s standards but with such a fast aperture it is a serious lens for low light photography. I find its bokeh pleasing and full of character.
5. Wide open at f1.4 it is soft, and on NEX-3 it has an 60mm equivalent FL so I use it as a portrait lens (indoors) sometimes and so I don’t think the softness is a huge disadvantage. When stopped down to f2.8 or so, it is considerably sharp.
6. Build quality is quite good (it is all metal) and the focusing ring is very smooth.
7. It comes in MC and SC versions (same price), supposedly the SC is great for black and white photography.
8. I bought it new in a local shop, costs around US$390. I think it is reasonable.

Samples of the CV 40/1.4

A taste of its bokeh

Low light photography

Food shots

Chinese cuisine

A bit soft wide open

* For more details on this lens on NEX-3, please follow this link to my blog:

Contax Zeiss Biogon 28mm f2.8 (Contax G28)
1. Zeiss quality, it is considered not inferior to the ZM Biogon (although comes at a fraction of the price!) or the Zeiss Distagon in SLR mounts.
2. Colors are superb and it is simply distortion-free. The image quality is just excellent.
3. On a NEX APS-C sensor it is 42mm equivalent, which is about a “normal” lens on this sensor
4. Focusing: there is no manual focus ring on this lens, you have to rely on the adapter for focusing. Some people find it clumsy. I use the Shogun (same as Metabones) adapter, and it feels really smooth (but still not as good as a native manual focus lens)
5. At f2.8 it is already sharp across the entire image, and is adequate for most situations.
6. I bought it used, at around US$360 in Hong Kong.

Samples of Contax G28 on NEX-3
Wide open performance

On a cloudy and rainy day the colors are still splendid

Food shots

Indoor test

Outdoor test, at f4

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The Contax G28 and the CV 40/1.4 are not tiny but they’re still much smaller than the kit lens. During daytime I go out with the Contax G28 as my walk around lens. In the evenings the CV 40/1.4 is a great choice. I enjoyed these lenses a lot and have not regretted buying them. Sorry for the long post and Thanks for reading.