I would like to say a big “thank you” to all the five people who have recently nominated me for awards. My heartfelt thanks to all of you who frequently visit my blog and give me much joy and encouragement. All of these are too good to be true!

Sunshine Award:
Many thanks to Kofegeek who nominated me, I am sure you will find her blog interesting, witty and humorous. She has nominated me in April and since I am such a big lazy procrastinator I had not accepted the award till now, and my heart is full of guilt. Also, recently I have been nominated by Travel Photo Media, a Paris-based freelance photographer for the same award. You can check out her blog here, which is full of captivating and amazing images.  To accept this award I shall answer 10 questions:

  1. Favorite color: blue, as in a blue sky
  2. Favorite animal: deer, perhaps? I find it beautiful
  3. Favorite number: 12 (lucky number it is)
  4. Favorite drink: iced milk tea (wow that’s a really Hong Kong-styled drink – courtesy Wikipedia)
  5. Favorite website: I read Engadget every day…
  6. Passion: photography, eating, science
  7. Prefer getting or giving presents: honest answer is the former, but I will just say “both”
  8. Favorite pattern: waves
  9. Favorite day of the week: Saturday, if I don’t have to work. (Sunday is filled with dread for the upcoming week…)
  10. Favorite flower: what a difficult question… daffodils?

My 10 nominations for the Sunshine Award are:

Beautiful Blogger Award:
I am very grateful for Shirsha who nominated me for this award. Her blog contains an impressive collection of images. It is a big honor because it’s really something for my blog to be considered beautiful!

One Lovely Blog Award:
It’s been an incredible week, and I am greatly honored to receive an award from Genie. I love her inspiring and encouraging words, there is much wisdom in her posts. Thanks for being wonderful, Genie!

To receive these awards, I would like to tell you 7 things about me:

  1. Favorite food: Roast goose. A must-try in Hong Kong! Goes well with Lai Fun (rice flour noodles)
  2. Favorite dessert: Apple pie, made by white bear.
  3. Favorite travel destinations: Paris and Sydney
  4. Favorite book: Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, and the Millenium Trilogy
  5. Favorite movie: Terminator 2 (hasta la vista, baby)
  6. Favorite season: winter (because it is lovely)
  7. Favorite time of the day: sunset (it is so romantic and captivating)

And I would like to nominate the following 7 blogs for the Beautiful Blogger Award, as I enjoyed all of them immensely:

I would like to nominate the following 15 blogs for the One Lovely Blog Award, for they give me much happiness reading them and I am sure you will find them amazing too:

Thank you all for your love!