Tonkichi Tonkatsu

Tonkatsu (豚カツ, pork cutlet) is Japanese styled deep fried pork cutlet and this style of Japanese cuisine is increasingly popular in town. Tonkichi is a famous restaurant serving tonkatsu and other variations including deep fried seafood and fresh sashimi. This restaurant also holds a very special meaning for us two.


The restaurant has a very nice ambience, it was decored in gold and featured breathtaking views of the busy Tsimshatsui district. We didn’t get a window seat unfortunately but we still enjoyed the environment and the prompt service from the staff.

While we waited for our food, we had fun grinding fresh sesame for our sauce. The smell of sesame wafted into our noses as we watched the seeds being transformed into fine sesame powder. We then added the specially prepared savory sauce onto our sesame powder to create a smooth blend in anticipation of our tonkatsu.


Our food came and we couldn’t wait to get our chopsticks ready. The deep fried oysters were piping hot and the warm oyster juice trickled out greedily onto our bowls of rice. The prawns were fresh and tasteful and the lemon juice and tartar sauce offered a fresh zing for the palate. I also loved the crab croquette with smooth crab potato paste embedded within a crunchy deep fried coat.



We were offered unlimited servings of shredded lettuce and rice. There were two sauces for the lettuce, namely a fresh yuzi sauce and a flavorful seaweed sauce; which were both delicious.


In the end, we were both filled to the brim with great food and we could barely finish off the miso soup and watermelon dessert. It was a wonderful dinner and evening for bears and we treasured our time together.