Kobe Nightscape – 10 times the beauty!

Kobe the seaport is the place to go for night scenery in Japan – you may say why it is not Tokyo or Osaka for such purpose. Perhaps this post can convince you! At night, the skyline of Kobe is lit up by the iconic Kobe tower and modern buildings, and by the harbor side usually a cruise boat enters into the foreground, adding to the exhilarating view after the sun is set. You can vote for your favorite image among 10 in the comments below. 🙂

Kobe at night – a panoramic view

The Cruise

The Kobe Port Tower and the Ferris Wheel


The Wavy Escalator and the Falling Stars


The Corners of the Bayside Mall


The Cruise, Part II

Canal Garden, a modern shopping mall

My personal favorites are: Kobe at night – panoramic view and The Cruise. Hope you enjoyed these images!

You can visit my other posts of the Cherry Blossoms Trip: Parts I, II, III, and IV. I forgot to mention, this is Part V already! It is really exciting just to look at the pictures and they really bring back the memories in Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe. Can’t say which city I like best… maybe you can find out once I finish writing the whole series.

Just a final image… I was lucky to capture the rainbow at the far side of the image. That day marked the end of bad weather and the sun came out for the final two days of our sakura journey. Hope the rainbow brings good luck to my readers too!