Dance with the Butterflies


A small city lying on the Southern shores of China, Macau is a self-contradictory territory. There are world class casinos packed with people and extravagant hotels with luxurious restaurants, but just across the street you can find dim alleys and hidden parks in which the elderly locals idling comfortably on a bench under the shade.

We stumbled upon this hidden park just on the back side of Club Militare, a historic building which used to be the clubhouse of the wealthy and extraordinary, now houses a museum and a restaurant for the public. This particular park has accents reminiscent of the colonial Portuguese rule, with decorated pillars exotically colored in pink and dark green, and irregular pebbles on the ground.


Walking away from this secluded land, we ventured into the MGM Grand Hotel, and under its breathtaking sunglass roof an exhibition was under way. And the theme was Butterflies, and the centerpiece of the exhibition is a greenhouse which butterflies fly playfully before your eyes.


This beautifully decorated exhibition deserves a panoramic picture:

Weird as it may seem, the hybrid hotel-casino seemed to be out of place with nature and classical architecture, but on that day we had a lot of fun, relaxing in the gigantic, air-conditioned indoor space under the sun.


And in the last picture you can catch a glimpse of the magnificent three-tiered MGM hotel, gold colored glass windows on the topmost floors offered the best views, followed by silver in the middle floors and bronze at the bottom.